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8 Floyd County residents die from virus over last couple of weeks


The coronavirus is still among the public – and it has killed 8 Floyd County residents in the past few weeks. To put this in perspective, in the prior 6 months of the pandemic the virus had killed only 3 people. 

In better news, the case count in Floyd County has been slowing down recently:

  • Between September 25th and October 16th there were 67 new cases of the virus – for about 3 new cases per day. 
  • To compare, the first 24 days of September revealed 117 cases of the virus for almost 5 new cases per day.

In Chickasaw County, the death count has held steady at 1 for a couple of months now. 

However, the virus count has gone up pretty steadily:

  • Between September 25th and October 16th 71 new cases were reported – averaging out at a little over 3 new cases per day.

Highest case count days in Chickasaw County in September:

  • September 8th – 23 cases
  • September 15th – 16 cases
  • September 21st – 12 cases

Highest in October:

  • October 2nd – 6 cases
  • October 5th – 5 cases
  • October 8th – 5 cases

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