Osage business gets creative with meat vending machine

Successful business right now is all about one word: creativity. And S&S Meats and Spirits in Osage is attempting to implement that sentiment to keep their products safely flowing. This month, the team rolled out a 24/7 meat vending machine. 

Their Facebook announcement reads:

“We are excited to announce that we are ready to roll out our New Refrigerated Vending Machine.  24/7 vending of a large selection of some of our smoked and fresh products.  

The machine accepts Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay.”

The machine will be stocked with cheese curds, sticks, links, jerky, and even fresh steaks. 

The Main Street store is planning on putting in other vending machines around town if the demand for the products becomes high enough. Right now, the cheese curds and beef sticks are their most popular items. 


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