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Floyd County Auditor recommends sending mail-in ballots soon; praises area postal service

The virus’s track history made one thing clear for the upcoming presidential election – absentee voting would be up huge during this election cycle. And according to the Washington Post, in almost every state absentee voting has surpassed 2016s numbers. For example, in Minnesota these types of votes have more than doubled from 2016.

In Iowa, there has been about 15% more early voting. Up from 631,000 to 723,000. And around the country, people are worried about how this will affect postal-service quality and accuracy.


Floyd County Auditor Gloria Carr says the county shouldn’t be too worried about this possible issue.


Carr says if this is something that really worries a person – they should send their ballot by mail as early as they can. She recommends at least a week in advance from the November 2nd deadline. 

Though, Carr assures the public they can mail their ballots in as late as November 2nd.


For those wanting to cut the middle-man out of the voting process, one can seal and deliver their ballot to the drop-box in the Floyd County Courthouse entrance anytime before November 3rd at 9 p.m.



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