Charles City schools revert back to hybrid model for next couple of weeks (7-12 grade)

It’s official – Charles City schools grades 7 through 12 are going back to hybrid learning. Or at least, for the next 2 weeks. 

Superintendent Mike Fisher says grades 7 through 12 will be in hybrid learning from November 10th until at least November 24th. He says it is due to virus cases in the district and community.

He specifically referenced a trend in the 14-day average:

    Monday – 10.5%

    Tuesday – 11.5%

    Wednesday – 12.8%

    Thursday – 14%

Not to mention, the school’s COVID Dashboard currently shows that there are 12 cases of the virus in the district. 

Fisher is also worried about his employees and their availability. 

Fisher explains that 19 school employees are on COVID-19 leave currently – due to having tested positive for the virus or because of quarantining. 

The 6th grade will continue to come to classes in-person.


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