Charles City Chamber announces ‘Man of the Year’ ‘Woman of the Year’; much more

The virtual version of the 2019-2020 ‘Community Volunteer Recognition Awards’ was held this last Friday – and livestreamed on the Charles City Chamber’s Facebook page.

Here were the winners:

  • Caught in the Act I: Quilts of Valor 
  • Caught in the Act II: Valero Renewables Volunteers 
  • Caught in the Act III: Eric Gordon
  • TLC Volunteers of the Year: 
    • Breanna Anderson, Jacqueline Rutherford, Courtney Blong, Robin Schwickerath, Kaye  Blong, Dawn Thomas, Elena Calixtro, Michelle Young, Christie DeBower, Emilee Bilharz,  Lilly Dummala, Mackenzie Wilson, Dana Dzick, Connie Friedrich, Allison Hocking,  Lorraine Hoeft, Tangela Jensen, Peggy Loftus, Laura MacKay, Suzanne McDonald, Grace  Melson, Kaylee Michael, Janell Olesen, Jeraldine Orr, Jule Pauls, Sydney Peterson,  Heather Reiher, Aliya Rodemaker and Marique Ruth 
  • Charles City Community School District: 
    • Julie Colasuonno, Heather Faulkner, Jeremy Wilson, Alison Johnson, Carrie Eiklenborg,  Brittany Brewer, Madelyn Fank, Angie Holzer, Terri Hay, Trisha Kilby, Alison Reams,  Paige Faulkner, Dave Bahe, Kelvin Marvin, Jeff Holzer, Jamie Meighan, Bonnie Lohr, Matt  Sindlinger, Rick Lynch, Jackie Walsh, Dan Caffrey, Angie Parsons, Lori Clark, Terri Pettit,  Mary Cross, Rob Pittman, Rachel Connerley, Liz Platte, Monica Detter, Diane Sande,  Chrissy Eaves, Karleen Sickman, Sheila Etherington, LeAnn Smith, Jenna Hagland, Susie  Smith, Julie Heddens, Laura Stallsmith, Teresa Jensen, Jeanine Tudor, Carrie Koenigsfeld,  Naomi Yaddoff, Heather Kowalski, Wendy LaBrage, Candice Lumley, Jim Lundberg,  Brenda Marpe, Laura Mackay, Lee Neiman, Lisa Nelson, Julie Parker, along with high  school students Riley Patrie and Aaron Jensen. 
  • Senior Center Volunteer of the Year: Denny Tynan 
  • Nashua Fish & Game Club: Steve Hubert
  • Hometown Hero Award: Jim Sanner 
  • Community Revitalization Volunteer of the Year: Arcon Concepcion 
  • Chamber Volunteer Business of the Year: Soifer Family McDonald’s 

And then the big individual awards were given out:

The Charles City Woman of the Year of 2019-2020 was Wendy Luft. Luft was nominated by local Jill Connell because of her work with ‘Logan’s Law’ over the past couple of years.


And Charles City’s Man of the Year was Ron James, the former chief financial officer at the Floyd County Medical Center. He is currently retired but is credited with his work in the community long after his career ended. 


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