During a week with all-time high spikes, Chickasaw County’s 14-day virus positivity rate is 29%

All week long, Chickasaw County has been setting all-time records for positive virus cases in one day. On Monday, the record that was previously 36 was broken by a day with 41 new cases of the virus. Then on Thursday a new record was set with 46 new cases. 

Chickasaw Ambulance Service Jeremy McGrath posted on Facebook last night mirroring this sentiment:

“Our ambulance had 5 covid transports just TODAY. In lil ol rural Iowa!  That’s 10 sets of PPE in one day!  46 positive tests in Chickasaw County just TODAY!”

This record setting day pushed the grand total in the county to 743 – 130 of which are active cases.

McGrath’s also cautioned that:

“The patients we are picking up are very sick.  We are exhausted. Everyone in healthcare is exhausted. We will keep on keepin on the best we can for as long as we can, but each day gets harder.”

Chickasaw County’s % Positive Cases by County (Past 14 Day Average) is 29.0%.


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