‘McQuillen Place’ name changed to ‘Union House’; could be occupied by spring of 2021

Charles City’s Main Street has been adding attractions and losing them for a couple years now. In 2019, both Lidd and Cordray and Simply Essentials closed down. Then in 2020, Main Street Drug spiced up the scene.

With all these moving pieces, one constant has held strong: the nearly-complete McQuillen Place has sat gathering dust and unoccupied.

And this might be changing very soon, as First Security Bank and Trust President Kurt Herbrechtsmeyer announced that renovations on the building by Dean Snyder Construction will start this week. Herbrechtsmeyer says finishing this building and getting it occupied is very important for Charles City as a whole.


Herbrechtsmeyer says they are changing the building’s name from ‘McQuillen Place’ to the ‘Union House’ as a tribute to Charles City’s history. 


According to Herbrechtsmeyer, the roof is the most pressing problem with the building – since it has moisture in the insulation. Though, he believes there is a lot of misinformation swirling about the building he wants to squash. 


The plan is for second floor apartments to be finished and occupied by late spring or early summer of 2021. 

Herbrechtsmeyer says he has no intention of having his hands on this project long-term and hopes to sell it in the future. At that time, he fully expects that a potential buyer might want to change the name again.


In the near future, the clocktower will be coming off the top of the old McQuillen Place building – but worry not, it will be returning.


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