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New Hampton hire new ‘Public Works Director’

Street Superintendent of 43 years in New Hampton Junior Mai just retired in October. After a City Council vote, the board decided to leave that vacancy unfilled and divert their efforts to creating a ‘Public Works Director’ position that will encompass more city duties. 

The city has hired Casey Mai for the new position. Mai is the former planning director for the city of Bemidji and wanted to move closer to home. He graduated from New Hampton High School in 2005 and starting in 2021 will take over the Public Works division of the city.

With both the city’s Wastewater Superintendent Tim Angell and Water Superintendent Jerry Heying retiring in the near future, the city thought it would be better to hire for the ‘Public Works’ job which would oversee all of these departments.  

Back when the council was voting on whether to create this new position, Councilman Bruce Diiro said that the city would not hire anybody that couldn’t do hands-on work especially in regards to the street department. He also said that it was important for the city to hire people who can cross-train and be valuable in many areas. 

The council voted unanimously in favor of the new position.


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