Mother and daughter combo painting and hiding rocks all over New Hampton

When taking a brisk walk in New Hampton, residents should try to be very vigilant – as they might come across rocks painted to look like Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins, or even Snoopy. 

Painting rocks and hiding them with messages and pictures is a very popular pastime in the Midwest.  Both Lisa Rude and her daughter Riley, have been hiding rocks all over New Hampton – and according to Lisa, it was all Riley’s idea.

Lisa says that over in Decorah, painting rocks is a huge pastime and now it is gaining steam in Chickasaw County.

Lisa says that when someone finds a rock, they don’t have to keep them.

If someone finds a rock around New Hampton or wants to make their own and show them off, a Facebook page exists for that exact purpose called ‘New Hampton IA Rocks’:


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