Former New Hampton graduates showcased on small business online show ‘Local Finds’

For one New Hampton High School graduate, ‘shop local’ makes for good TV – and even better stories. 

Class of 1988 Shawn Diddy this year created an online show titled ‘Local Finds’ to highlight the stories of Iowa local businesses. The show normally showcases local businesses from the Cedar Falls-Waterloo area – but this last week, Diddy brought on another former New Hamptian in Faythe Stone-Brocka.

Stone-Brocka owns a California wine company called ‘CRU9’ that she sells exclusively in Iowa, Florida, and California.

Stone-Brocka says being locally owned makes the wine making process more intimate and makes sure quality is upheld.

CRU9 Wine gives a portion of their profit to local charities and organizations.

Diddy’s new show ‘Local Finds’ is a continuation of her shop TV career. Over the years she has presented products on HSN, QVC, and many others.



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