New Hope Lutheran Church in Charles City gets first permanent pastor

For nearly a decade, New Hope Lutheran Church in Charles City didn’t have a permanent pastor. 

Visitation pastors would often rotate in and stop-gap for the church. This was until Pastor Isaac Johnson and his family recently moved to town to fill that permanent role.

Johnson has four kids and a wife named Kaitlin and is excited to plant longer-term roots in Charles City.

Johnson explains his winding journey to New Hope and Charles City:

Johnson alludes that he has a two prong plan for his new congregation and Charles City as a whole. The first part looks like this:

The second portion of his plan involves sharing his love for Christ with the community. He will do this by being very active in town and by letting people know that he is always there if anybody needs help.

Johnson says earlier in his life, he went through a period of tremendous suffering and was healed through Christ. And there was a major byproduct of this suffering.

New Hope Lutheran Church is located at the old Curves Building in Charles City at 607 North Main Street.

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