Charles City clothing store moving to Main Street in February; also changing name

Charles City’s Main Street has been losing and shifting pieces over the last couple of years – never really being able to find its footing. 

With recent news, 2021 might be the year the strip finds its identity. 

Announced yesterday, the beloved Charles City clothing store – The Studio at Mara (located inside Mara)- is moving out from the mostly-residential Kelly Street to a prime-time slot on Main Street.

The announcement reads:

“So – the big news – The Studio at Mara, with its casual clothing offering, will be MOVING downtown Charles City, to its own NEW space, where it will be much more visible to those who haven’t discovered us yet. We will be serving you the same way we always have, but in a larger, more intentional space.”

The post also detailed how the store will be changing its name to ‘CARDIGAN’ and explained that decision:

“I know your next question is “why?”. Cardigans represent a clothing item that is comfortable, classic, embracing, warm, timeless, and perfect for all ages…. this will embody our brand 🤍.  Yes, we will carry much more than Cardigans. In fact our product mix will be very similar to what we currently offer, with a few more elevated options and expanded sizes.”

CARDIGAN is tabbed to open on Main Street in Charles City on February 1st in the back half of the 101 North Main Street building.



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