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Floyd County Supervisors talk replacing soon-empty county recorder position internally

Coming February 1st, the Floyd County county recorder position will be vacant. And according to reports, the supervisors are considering hiring in house to fill the position. 

Conversations have brewed about Deputy Recorder Amy Assink and could replace Recorder Deborah Roberts when her retirement hits on January 31st. 

Roberts has worked in many courthouse positions since 1988 – where she was elected as the County Auditor. She knew she was going to retire for some time now and has prepared her staff to take over most, if not all of her responsibilities.

Assink has worked in the Recorder’s office since the late 90’s and was recommended by Roberts to take her place as county recorder. 

This is an elected position, so the supervisors could decide to appoint Assink (or somebody else) or hold a special election. If a special election isn’t held and the public has a problem with the choice, it is their responsibility to make that known. Though, the supervisors would like to avoid it if possible because it costs money and they don’t believe the election would change the outcome.

If appointed, Assink is willing to run for the election of her position in 2022.


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