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Charles City Police Department reminds community to shovel their walks

The Charles City Police Department wants to remind you to shovel your sidewalk this winter.

In a post yesterday, the department explained the consequences of leaving it frozen:

“The city has had several complaints of walks not being shoveled. People are still out walking and using them. The Code Enforcement officers are out marking the walks with pink marking paint which are in violation. They will also hang a tag on the residence. If the resident does not shovel, it will be cleaned off at the homeowner’s expense. This year it seems like most people are doing a great job on keeping them shoveled. Please keep it up!”

After the tags and the pink marking, the resident will be given a 48 hour grace period for snow removal. When 48 hours goes by, the city will come check the houses and remind uncooperative citizens to get to work, via pink paint or a green hanger on the property.

If this still isn’t completed, the city will remove the snow for the resident and bill the address.



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