Long-awaited Osage FFA greenhouse to be operational in February

Over the past 2 years, the Osage School District has spent over $13 million on improving their campuses. A new cafeteria, a new gym, new offices – highlight the short list of upgrades the school made. After these projects were completed, the Green Devils still needed one more thing: 

A new FFA Greenhouse. 

Superintendent Barb Schwamman originally believed the project would cost the school $150,000 to build and would be done and operational by Fall of 2020. It took a bit longer than that, as the greenhouse is now built and tabbed to be operational in February of this year.


The FFA program has two major goals for the greenhouse: to make it self sustaining within the first three years and to grow flowers in it year round.


The program hopes to grow poinsettias, mums, garden plugs, and spring annuals in the near future.


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