Charles City schools opt to extend ‘Families First Coronavirus Leave Act’ benefits through March 31st

In the country, the ‘Families First Coronavirus Leave Act’ expired at the end of 2020. This act ensured that employees at schools and businesses would receive up to 80 hours of paid leave to provide for their employees in case they get the virus.

The Charles City School District discussed this act at Monday’s board meeting. Superintendent Mike Fisher informed the board that the law allows the school two options going forward:

  1. Stop providing the support as of December 31st of 2020
  2. Extend the paid leave through March 31st of 2021

The school decided to select option two and extend the benefits through March.


Fisher informed the board and public that after March 31st, the school cannot extend the benefits any further.

School Board Member Missy Freund says she believes that helping out their employees as much as they can is the right thing to do.


Fisher explains that their staff will still continue to receive their normal sick leave and reminds the public about how the board donated 500 days of sick bank leave back in Spring of 2020 to ensure employees with the virus can stay financially stable during the pandemic. 



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