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New Hampton 3rd graders trying to help the homeless through ‘Cold Weather Gear Drive’

New Hampton 3rd grade students are putting on a ‘Cold Weather Gear Drive’ to help the homeless. 

Here is how this came about:

New Hampton Elementary School Librarian Stefanie Throndson applied this last year for an innovative reading grant from the American Library Association – and she got it. 

This netted $2,500 to be used to increase her student’s awareness of global issues through texts, field trips, and hands-on experiences.


The 3rd grade students decided to choose homelessness as their problem to spotlight.


The class asserted that this is not only a problem in the country – but also in New Hampton. 

And to troubleshoot this issue, the 3rd graders are accepting donations of snow pants, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and boots to give to the homeless.

Anybody willing to donate will be able to through the month of January at these locations in New Hampton:


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