February wraps up in top 10 coldest-ever Iowa Februarys

Des Moines, IA – The state’s weather watchers are now releasing the data for the just-ended month and they’re confirming something we already know too well — February was brutally cold. State climatologist Justin Glisan says many Iowa communities set new record lows.

While many Iowans saw low temps in the 20s-below zero, Mapleton in Monona County hit 35-below on February 16th, a record. Overall, it was a bone-chilling month.

Snowfall for the month was about 10-inches on average statewide, which is three inches above normal, though some communities in west-central Iowa had 10-to-14 inches more snow than average. Still, he says, the unforgiving cold was the real story.

In a welcome about-face, we’re now seeing temperatures above normal for March. Glisan says it appears we’ll rebound from the exceptionally cold February into a March that promises to bring warmer and wetter-than-usual weather.

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