Tips to attract more birds to your back yard this spring

Des Moines, IA – Aside from the common sparrows, blue jays and cardinals, experts say there are 429 species of birds in Iowa. If you’d like to attract more of them to your back yard this spring, conservation biologist Ryan Brady suggests making your feeder more attractive to your feathered friends. Brady says the best bird seed you can put out is black sunflower seeds.

Brady says you should also be sure to plant some cover for the birds that’s close to the feeder so they can hide from predators.

If it’s impractical to place a shrub near your bird feeder, consider creating other cover nearby, like a brush pile.

Iowans who have a traditional birdbath might consider adding a dripper, mister or bubbler to create motion in the water. Birds can see and hear that motion from a great distance and many curious species will fly in to investigate.

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