Iowa’s wacky spring temperature swings are making planting a risky chore

Des Moines, IA – Iowa’s temperatures this spring are rollercoastering, warming into the 80s one day and spiraling into the 30s the next, making it a challenge for farmers to launch into their spring planting. Iowa State University Extension field agronomist Meaghan Anderson says the optimum planting window for Iowa corn has been April 11th to May 18th, but growers need to pay attention to the weather before — and after — planting.

Although having a soil temperature of at least 50 degrees at planting is important, Anderson says that soil temp should remain at 50 degrees or higher — after — planting to prevent injury to the seed.

For those who decide to plant early, she says to keep in mind that crop insurance will not cover a replant until April 11th.

Early planting for soybeans is anytime between now and April 25th. Anderson says growers wanting soil temperature information can access the Iowa Environmental Mesonet at:

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