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State Appeal Board Holds Hearing on Floyd County Budget

About 150 people attended a public hearing Monday night hosted by the State Appeal Board to review the Floyd County budget for fiscal year 2021-22.

About 1,000 county residents and business owners have signed a petition challenging the increased property taxes brought on by the budget approved recently by the Board of Supervisors. Petitioners claimed the tax increase is an attempt to cover the increased costs of constructing the new Floyd County Law Enforcement Center and county courthouse renovations. Petitioners say they shouldn’t have to pay for the increased costs and want their taxes reduced accordingly.

The project has been plagued by delays and had an original price tag of about $13.5 million dollars, but could end up costing more than $16 million. While defending the budget, the supervisors also noted that the cost of construction materials alone have increased since construction began in late 2019.

Representatives from the State Appeal Board heard the arguments from both sides during the hearing at Wrightz Auction Company just north of Floyd and told the crowd they will begin reviewing the information starting next week. They added that written statements from parties interested in voicing their concerns will be accepted through Monday, May 17th. A final decision is expected to the be issued June 7th

Mark Pitz

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