Charles City Extends Transit Contract, Ups Driver Pay

The City of Charles City is extending their agreement with Circle K Communications to continue operating the city’s transit system.

The City Council approved another one-year contract which includes  a 1.3% raise in funding to Circle K. City Administrator Steve Diers says the additional $824.00 brings the City’s expense next fiscal year to just over $64,000.

The council also attempted to address the challenge of attracting more drivers for the transit buses by approving increases in driver pay. A full-time driver will see an increase from the current rate of $14.82 an hour to $17 per hour. While pay for part-timers will go from $14.82 to $16.00 per hour. The city currently has one full-timer and seven part-timers..

Diers says their transit driver pay rate is still less than those of school bus drivers, but the increase should make them more competitive in attracting more drivers, especially substitute drivers. He adds they’ll also explore the possibility of shared drivers with the Charles City School District.


Mark Pitz

News Director
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