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Multiple Northeast Iowa Juveniles Arrested for Theft, Burglary, Other Charges

Multiple northeast Iowa juveniles have been arrested in connection with a series of thefts, burglaries and break-ins during June and July.

The Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office says the suspects have been referred to juvenile court services for various offenses of burglary and theft, plus vandalism and possession of stolen firearms. Names of the juveniles will not be released.

Sheriff Dan Marx says the juveniles were responsible for breaking into the Calmar and Decorah swimming pools and stealing money. They also targeted Oneota Golf and Country Club just northeast of Decorah drove golf carts causing damage to the golf course before stealing golf carts worth about $45,000. The suspects also broke into, caused damages and stole money from Twin Springs Supper Club and Silvercrest Golf and Country Club, both near Decorah.

Authorities add the juveniles stole an ATM from the Winneshiek County Fairgrounds before destroying it. They are also suspected of breaking into, damaging and stealing money from several taxis owned by Hometown Taxi of Decorah. 

The crime spree started in early June and continued well into the month of July. Additional charges and arrests are pending. 

The Sheriff’s Office says it believes the juveniles were responsible for the following crimes, and possible others:

  • June 9 – Calmar Swimming Pool was broken into and money was taken.
  • June 19 – Decorah Swimming Pool was broken into and damage done to the register.
  • June 17 – Oneota Golf & Country Club golf carts were operated without the owners consent and significant damage was done to the golf course.
  • July 5 — Oneota Golf & Country Club had several golf carts stolen. The total value of stolen property was approximately $45,000.
  • July 17 – Winneshiek County Fair Grounds had an ATM stolen and destroyed.
  • July 18 – Twin Springs Supper Club was broken into and had significant property damage. Money and several other valuable items were stolen.
  • July 26 – Silvercrest Golf & Country Club was broken into and had a large amount of money stolen and significant property damage.
  • July 19 & 26 – Hometown Taxi had several taxis damaged and broken into. Money was taken.

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