Rains Impact Roads in Chickasaw, Floyd Counties

Late Sunday night, early Monday morning rains came in significant amounts in some areas of north Iowa, but not so much in others.

The National Weather Service data shows that almost nine inches of rain fell near Chickasaw Township and almost six inches in Bradford Township, both in southwest Chickasaw county. Over five inches of rain also fell in southeast Floyd County.  Dusty Rolando is the County Engineer for both counties and says while he hasn’t confirmed those rainfall amounts, when so much comes down in a short period of time, roads can be damaged.

Rolando says crews were working on at least five roads between the two counties and hopes to have everything at least passable by the end of the week. He adds they can then go back for additional touchup and cleanup. In the meantime, Rolando asks for motorists to be aware of the possibility of choppy spots and temporary closures.


Chickasaw County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and E911 Coordinator Director Jeff Bernatz confirmed the rainfall totals saying, “These are the totals that we received from KWWL.”

He added that he was in Nashua Monday morning and spoke to City of Nashua employees that monitor the dam, who reported water levels of the dam was up and the dam did adjust to accommodate the extra water.

Bernatz says he also contacted Bremer County EMA to advise them of water heading their way and there were no reports of flooding received at his office.

*Picture of Cheyenne Avenue in rural Chickasaw County

Mark Pitz

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