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FCMC Promotes Benefits of COVID Vaccinations

With positive COVID cases on the rise due to the Delta variant, hospitals are reemphasizing the benefits of vaccination.

According to the Iowa Department of Public Health, 52% of the state’s residents eligible to get the COVID vaccine have not done so. Floyd County Medical Center (FCMC) Infection Prevention Specialist Allie Wesselmann says vaccines are a critical tool to helping curb the spread of transmission.

Health officials continue to battle COVID vaccination hesitancy. Wesselmann acknowledges getting vaccinated is a personal choice, but the best way to protect yourself from any illness or virus is to learn about it.

Wesselmann adds getting vaccinated protects the community as well as yourself.  Given the latest surge in COVID cases, she also recommends that whether you’re vaccinated or not, be mindful of your daily health and be alert for symptoms of COVID.

Mark Pitz

News Director/Weekdays 10am to 2pm on 95.9 KCHA

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