Charles City Featured at Iowa League of Cities Conference

Charles City’s efforts to upgrade telecommunications across the town will be the focus of a presentation in Coralville later this week.

City Administrator Steve Diers will deliver a talk, “Fiber to the Home: No Electric Utility, No Problem, Well Sorta” during Friday morning’s session of the Annual Conference of the Iowa League of Cities. While many communities across the state look to improve telecommunications to all residential, commercial and industrial customers, Charles City’s added challenge is there is no supporting municipal electric utility to share staff or assist with startup funding. 

Diers says crews digging and installing underground cable in recent weeks is not part of the City’s fiber project.

Diers says the City will continue to play the waiting game until financing is hammered out. His presentation Friday in Coralville will include how they are also researching creative ways to fund the project.

On Thursday, Elma City Clerk Shannon Gebel will be part of a four-person, Rural Shrink-Smart Initiative, presentation on “Strategies to Improve Quality of Life in Small Towns– Stories from Rural Iowa.”


Mark Pitz

News Director
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