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Best to Play it Safe in Regards to Attending School If Your Child Isn’t Feeling Well

While school districts consider the possibility of reinstating mandates for face coverings, health officials continue to promote the advantages of getting those 12 and older vaccinated for the coronavirus.

Vaccinated or not, and with cold and flu season not far off, Floyd County Public Health Administrator Gail Arjes if your child is not feeling well, it’s best not send them to school.

Chickasaw County Public Health Administrator Lisa Welter says many of the same rules apply to adults as well.

A federal judge recently issued a temporary order halting the state from issuing a “no mask mandate” for public schools. Monday night, Mason City School Board voted unanimously to reinstate a mask mandate for the district, but on a per building basis. Masks would be mandated if the daily sick rate among students and staff at a particular school is at 7% or above, and would remain in effect until that figure drops below 5%. The Decorah School Board also voted Monday night to reinstate a mask mandate for the district to resume Monday, Sept. 27.

In a statement last week, the Charles City School District said they would wait for guidance from health and legal officials before making any decision on a possible mask mandate while also stating that mask use is welcome by students, staff and visitors.

Mark Pitz

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