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Taylor: It Doesn’t Have to be Veterans Day to Say “Thank You”

A 12-year Army veteran was the featured speaker Thursday at the Veteran’s Day ceremony in the Charles City Middle School.

Joe Taylor, who’s also the middle school principal, says his story of joining the army isn’t anything special, but when he decided to join because he needed money and a way to pay for college, it was a pivotal moment for him nonetheless.

Taylor advised the audience to not be afraid to make a bold move by taking advantage of those pivotal moments, because they can shape your life in positive ways. One pivotal moment in his military career was the September 11th attacks. Taylor says that’s when being in the army “became real.”

Taylor also encourages people not to wait until Veteran’s Day to thank a veteran for his or her service.

About 25 veterans from the various military branches were honored at Thursday’s ceremonies.

Mark Pitz

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