Charles City School Officials Release Statements on Teacher Investigation

Officials with the Charles City School District have released the following statements regarding the investigation of Middle School teachers for allegedly reading a story involving vulgar and offensive language to 8th grade students on Wednesday, November 10.

*From the Charles City School District:

This matter has been fully investigated in accordance with District policy.  At a meeting on Monday, the Charles City  Board of Education approved a mutually beneficial resignation agreement with Alecia Feckers, an 8th grade teacher at the District.  In the spirit of full transparency, the District has released as much information as it can and any other actions or information related to this matter are considered confidential under applicable laws.  With this matter now resolved, the District has returned its focus back to its mission and vision of teaching and student learning.

*From Charles City Schools Superintendent Mike Fisher:

“I wanted to address some concerns and questions that had come to me through the community and social media. Many of our teachers have recently felt their motives and intentions being questioned and I want to clarify the great work they do each day under huge stress and strain. There is a myth being spread around the community of some sort of secret negative curriculum that is being taught to our kids. This is absolutely false. The truth is, besides our main business of teaching and learning our core academics, we are focused on helping our kids becoming better human beings. We teach our kids to live compassion and empathy because we know there’s no greater love than serving your fellow human beings. We do this by teaching integrity which is how to stand up for what you believe in with grace and humility to others. We teach kids the value of hard work and selflessly serving others as leaders and problem solvers. In short, we teach our kids to be compassionate service oriented people that make our world better. And I think this is something we can all believe in. While some might not agree with me and these values, I firmly believe they are what make our community and country so unique and beautiful.” Mike Fisher, Superintendent

**Minutes from Special School Board Meeting – November 22, 2021 

The Charles City Board of Education met in special session on Monday, November 22, 2021 in the  North Grand Building Cafeteria. President Mack called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. Present:  Board Members Rottinghaus, Dight (via zoom), Bergland (via zoom), Freund (via zoom) arrived at  12:03p.m. Student member Jones was absent. Staff members present included Superintendent Fisher 

(via zoom), Board Secretary Evan Marten, Director of Operations, Jerry Mitchell, Middle School  Principal, Joe Taylor and Director of Communications, Justin DeVore. There were twelve other  community members present in person. 

(Rottinghaus/Dight) to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried 4-0. Director Freund was not  present yet.  

There was one public comment made to the board of directors. 

(Dight/Rottinghaus) to approve the North Grand Roof Bid for $318,420.00 with Midwest Roofing as  presented. Motion carried 5-0. 

(Rottinghaus/Dight) to approve the consent agenda. Motion Carried 5-0. 

  1. Approval of Personnel: Resignation  
Name  Position  Date Effective 
Jeff Gelner  Custodian/Bus Driver  11/22//2021


  1. Approval of Personnel Resignation Agreement with a Teacher  
Name  Position  Date Effective 
Alecia Feckers  8th Grade Reading  11/22//2021


  1. Approval of Personnel: Transfer  
Name  From  New Position  Date  


Dave Bahe  Washington  


Middle School  





  1. Approval of Personnel: Appointments
Name  Position  Date Effective






President Mack adjourned the meeting at 12:07 p.m.  

______________________ _______________________________ Approved Joshua Mack, President 

 ______________________________  Evan Marten, Board Secretary

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