Fundraiser for Additional New Hampton High School Track Improvements Underway

The New Hampton School Board recently approved plans to upgrade the high school track around the football field. The Chickasaw Outdoor Athletic Complex Project is looking to make additional improvements. 

The current track at the football stadium is 17-years-old and cracks have developed in the surface. Superintendent Jay Jurrens says doing the must-have track improvements could cost about $200,000, which will be funded through $100,000 in state Sales Tax and Education (SAVE) funds, about $50,000 from the Chickasaws Booster Club, and another $50,000 through the savings the district will realize through refinance of revenue bonds.

The athletic complex project’s Mitch Laures says group looks to raise another $125,000 for extras that include extending the track’s homestretch/staging area and bringing the high jump venue back inside the stadium.

Laures says improvements to landscaping, fencing and access to the visitor’s concession stand are also on their wish list. He says raising the funds now would allow everything to get done simultaneously with the track replacement in June.

The drive to raise funds is scheduled to go through Tuesday, January 4th. More information on making donations and/or pledges is available on the Chickasaw Outdoor Athletic Complex Project Facebook page.

Mark Pitz

News Director/Weekdays 10am to 2pm on 95.9 KCHA
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