Finding Part-Time Teachers Becoming a Full-Time Job

Finding part-time teachers is almost a full-time job for many school districts, including Charles City.

During their regular meeting Monday night, the Charles City school Board heard from Middle School Assistant Principal Dana Sullivan, who reported that since the start of the school year up until the Winter Break, including half and whole days, there were some 1,200 absences of certified Charles City teachers for various reasons including illnesses and personal days. 37% of those absences went unfilled due to a lack of certified substitute teachers.

Sullivan asked the board to explore possible solutions to the problem.

Superintendent Mike Fisher noted that adding four full-time subs with benefits could cost the district upwards of $360,000, which would be cost-prohibitive.

The possibility of trying the full-time subs on a trial basis was discussed, but no action was taken by the school board.


Mark Pitz

News Director/Weekdays 10am to 2pm on 95.9 KCHA
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