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Mason City Man Accused of Assault, Arson in Rudd Pleads Not Guilty

A Mason City man arrested last month in connection with a fire in Rudd is pleading not guilty.

33-year-old Tyrone Jones was arrested following a house fire he allegedly set in Rudd on January 8th, after he beat up his then-girlfriend. Investigators say Jones kicked her in the head and back, choked her to unconsciousness, and burnt her with a cigarette.  Jones then allegedly stole two phones and started a fire at the victim’s home before leaving. Court records show Jones himself called in the fire to authorities.

Jones was charged with first-degree arson, domestic abuse assault, third-degree theft, and false imprisonment. He pleaded not guilty Monday in Floyd County District Court while also asking for a speedy trial. Jones is now scheduled to stand trial starting March 29th.

The victim also accuses Jones of tying her hands and feet to her bed with rope on a previous occasion.

Fire departments from Rudd, Nora Springs, Marble Rock, Osage, Rockford, Floyd and Charles City all responded to the fire, with the house considered a total loss.

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