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Terms for Floyd County Supervisor Districts Set

While there’s a slight chance the boundaries of the three new supervisor districts in Floyd County could change, the length of the terms the supervisors will serve have been decided.

At their regular meeting Monday (02.28), the Board of Supervisors conducted a random drawing to determine which of the three districts, established by the Legislative Services Agency (LSA), will be a two-year term and the other districts both four-year terms. State law requires the staggered terms so not all three positions would be up for vote in the same year.

The drawing resulted in the new supervisor district labeled as CC1 to being the two-year term district.

That’s Floyd County Auditor Gloria Carr, who says getting the supervisor districts set allows candidates to get their paperwork started in order to run.

Carr adds that the LSA could still change the district boundaries, but it’s not likely now that the county has also approved new voting precincts from the LSA, which the board voted to accept Monday morning.


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