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Pair of North Iowa 18-Year-Olds Charged with Setting Off Bomb

A pair of north Iowa 18-year-olds have been arrested for setting off a bomb in a high school parking lot.  

The Forest City Police Department says an officer heard a loud explosion near Forest City High School just after 9:30 pm on September 7th.  The officer says he saw multiple cars driving out of the school parking lot and was able to talk to some kids leaving the area as well.  The officer says the kids reported someone setting off a bomb in the high school parking lot, but said they didn’t know who did it.

According to court documents, the officer says he was shown a video of the explosion and kids at the scene were able to identify David Rick and Landon Gerdes, both of Forest City, as having set off the explosive device, described as a “pool chemical bomb” detonated in the middle of the parking lot with numerous kids around. The bomb was powerful enough its shock wave was visible on the video.

Rick and Gerdes were arrested, with each charged with possession of explosive materials or a destructive device with intent to use, a Class C felony; and reckless use of explosives or a destructive device, a serious misdemeanor.

Mark Pitz

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