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Tues. Dec. 10thAround 150 million of THESE are produced each year for the holidays. What?Chocolate Santas
Mon. Dec. 9thAround 75% of men say they actually enjoy this activity over the Christmas holiday. What?Shopping!
Fri. Dec. 6thThere’s a 30% chance that THIS will happen to you this holiday season. What?Having a package stolen
Thurs. Dec. 5thThis is something that close to 5% of us have never done during the holidays. What?Given to charity
Wed. Dec. 4thAround 4 billion of us will forget to buy a gift for THIS PERSON for Christmas, even though we see them almost daily. What?A neighbor
Tues. Dec. 3rdWhat was the real name of the character Tim Allen plays in “The Santa Clause”?Scott Calvin
Mon. Dec. 2ndTHIS will happen to around 72% of drivers today. What?Someone will tailgate them
Fri. Nov. 29thNo quiz today. Happy shopping!
Thurs. Nov. 28thNo quiz today. Happy Thanksgiving!
Wed. Nov. 27thNo quiz today. Celebrating our station's 70th anniversary!
Tues. Nov. 26thTHIS has happened to around 22% of at either Thanksgiving or Christmas. What?Food poisoning
Mon. Nov. 25thIf you’re average, you would spend $158 to NOT have to do THIS during the Holidays. What?Spend time with your in-laws
Fri. Nov. 22ndOur Nearly Impossible Quiz yesterday was “a quarter of us say our least favorite dish on Thanksgiving is…….Green Bean Casserole” 1955
Thurs. Nov. 21stA quarter of us say our least favorite dish on Thanksgiving is…what?Green Bean Casserole
Wed. Nov. 20thExperts say doing this for around 78 minutes a day helps maintain good mental health along with boosting happiness. What?Listening to music
Tues. Nov. 19thClose to 18% of us have done THIS during the holidays…. then regretted it. What?Hosting Thanksgiving dinner
Mon. Nov. 18thAround 53% of shoppers are planning to do THIS during the holiday shopping season. What?Buy a gift for themselves
Fri. Nov. 15thAround 10% of us are interested in trying out this seasonal job. What?Being a mall Santa
Thurs. Nov. 14thFor around 34% of us, THIS is one of our favorite parts of Thanksgiving. What?Time off!
Wed. Nov. 13thWe buy around 1.4 billion dollars’ worth of these each year.Lunchables
Tues. Nov. 12thAround 23% of us will use a vacation day from work per year to do THIS.Sleep
Mon. Nov. 11thThere's a good chance you have close to 6 pounds of THESE in your home. What?Pennies
Fri. Nov. 8thWhen it comes to Black Friday shopping, around 24% of us want THIS appliance. What?Crock Pot
Thurs. Nov. 7thAround 29% of us say THIS is our favorite thing about autumn?A lower electric bill (not this year, apparently)
Wed. Nov. 6thAround 25% of kids consider THIS a form of exercise?Playing video games
Tues. Nov. 5thAround 48% of us have had THIS happen while cooking.Setting the smoke alarm off
Mon. Nov. 4th11% of people havve a smartphone with THIS.Cracked screen
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