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Waverly Police Issue Scam Alert

The Waverly Police Department is alerting the public to scam activity by people claiming to be investigating scams while presenting themselves as a police officer.

In a Facebook post, Waverly PD says, “Recently our office has taken two complaints of attempted fraud/scam from residents within the city regarding individuals identifying themselves as Waverly Police Officers.  In one, the name, Officer Cooper, was used. They also have given the correct phone number for our police department telling the resident they can call if they want to validate.”

The department adds that, “These people are explaining how they are investigating identity theft violations or drug offenses and the resident must send payment to avoid being jailed for these offenses.”

Authorities advise citizens that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will the police department demand money for a person to avoid being criminally charged.  If anyone contacts you with a similar scenario, DO NOT send any money and contact the police department to report such activity.  Tell them you will call your local police to verify this information, then call 319-352-5400, option #3 for communications to report the scam.  As always with these scams, be suspicious and don’t become a victim!  Verify any suspicious calls demanding money with the Waverly Police Department.


Mark Pitz

News Director/Weekdays 10am to 2pm on 95.9 KCHA
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