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Chickasaw County Supervisors Debate Public Health Department Move

When Chickasaw County purchased the former Heritage Residential facility south of New Hampton, it led to several non-profit organizations and some County services relocating to the building.

During their regular meeting Monday (11.13), the Board of Supervisors continued discussion over the possible move of Chickasaw County Public Health to what’s now known as the Heritage Center. A move questioned by Jeremy McGrath, a member of the County’s Board of Health.

Public Health Administrator Lisa Welter isn’t necessarily opposed to moving her department, but thought there should be more input from the Board of Health.

Before Public Health could be relocated, their space in the Heritage Center would have to be remodeled. That cost is uncertain, but could be over $300,000. Supervisor Chair Matt Kuhn said at this point, they must at least explore that cost.

Kuhn noted that County ARPA money could’ve been used for the remodeling, but that $600,000 is expected to move towards secondary roads, a County budget amendment proposed by Supervisor Jacob Hackman and approved by a 3-2 vote last month.  Although the transfer would not be official until a budget amendment is approved.

Hackman said the County still has funds available in capital improvements to pay for the possible Public Health relocation.

Mark Pitz

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