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Fri. Jan. 21Almost 60% of people agree that you should not do THIS before 8 am? What?Call someone
Thurs. Jan. 20New research has found that doing THIS makes you more attractive. What is it?Wearing a mask
Wed. Jan. 19In the last 50 years, the number of people who regularly do THIS has dropped by 72%?Take a bath
Tues. Jan. 18A survey reveals that 35% of adults look forward to doing THIS every day. What?Checking the mail
Mon. Jan. 17This is more likely to happen to you during a full moon. What?Get bitten by a shark
Fri. Jan. 14Close to 36% of Americans say that proposing HERE is tacky?At a sporting event
Thurs. Jan. 13The average person hasn’t organized this in three years. What?Their office desk
Wed. Jan. 1293% of dog owners say their dog can perform THIS trick. What is it?Smile
Tues. Jan. 11A study of around 2,000 people found THIS to be the most annoying thing about winter. What?The days being too short
Mon. Jan. 10The average person says they were 16 years old the first time they tried this. What?Coffee
Fri. Jan. 7This famous pair’s last names are Roberts and Carson. Who are they?Barbie and Ken
Thurs. Jan. 68 percent of us say THIS is the #1 argument they have in the car. What?The temperature (too hot or cold)
Wed. Jan. 5A new survey published in Mashed Magazine revealed that the worst snack food is…what?Animal Crackers
Tues. Jan. 4
Mon. Jan. 3In a survey of those who have made New Year’s resolutions, the #1 reason given for why they might fail is “lack of willpower”. What is #2?Forgetting
Thurs. Dec. 30This occurs more in the first week of the new year than any other time. What?People getting fired
Wed. Dec. 29Wouldn’t it be nice to win the lottery. The average lottery winner gains one of THESE for each $5,000 he or she wins. What?Friends
Tues. Dec. 2885% of kids, but only 10% of adults, will eat this during the holidays?Snow
Mon. Dec. 2780% of kids under the age of 13 only use 20 or less of these. What?Toys
Fri. Dec. 24No ShowMerry Christmas
Thurs. Dec. 2345% of American families say they consider this a holiday tradition. What?Buying a present/gift for their pet
Wed. Dec. 22This Christmas tradition started in 1896, 125 years ago. What?Leaving milk and cookies out for Santa
Tues. Dec. 21The most commonly returned Christmas gift item is……what?Pajamas
Mon. Dec. 20There’s only around 7% of us that have actually done THIS during the holidays. What?Roasted chestnuts on an open fire
Fri. Dec. 17A new holiday shopping survey reveals that the #1 gadget people want for Christmas this year is a new 5G phone. What’s #2 on that list?A video doorbell
Thurs. Dec. 16On average people go through 3 of these a year. What is it?Tubes of toothpaste
Wed. Dec. 15
Tues. Dec. 14A recent survey reveals that women who don’t know what to get their husband for Christmas will probably just buy this. What?A wallet
Mon. Dec. 13Around 53% of us say this is the food we miss most when dieting. And it’s not Pizza. What is it?Chocolate
Fri. Dec. 10Around 52% of us will re-gift something this year. What’s the #1 item that will be re-gifted?Socks
Thurs. Dec. 9Close to a quarter of American households do THIS in the bathroom. What?Decorate for Christmas
Wed. Dec. 8About a quarter of pet owners admit that they’ve done THIS. What?Tasted their pet’s food
Tues. Dec. 7A survey on holiday activities found that around 17% of us will do THIS for Christmas. What?Light candles
Mon. Dec. 6This is the #1 complaint people have about their neighbor’s lawn. What is it?Leaves blowing into their yard
Thurs. Nov. 25Happy Thanksgiving!No Quiz
Wed. Nov. 24According to Rolling Stone Magazine, what is the most loved Thanksgiving movie?‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’
Tues. Nov. 23For around 52% of us, THIS is the worst part of the holidays. What?Wrapping presents
Mon. Nov. 22Scientists have discovered that THIS is the fastest thing the human body can do. What?Snapping fingers
Fri. Nov. 19The average American will eat 35,000 of these in their lifetime. What?Cookies
Thurs. Nov. 18Around 70% of adults say they haven’t done THIS in the past 5 years. What?Made a new friend
Wed. Nov. 17According to a new survey by Chill Insurance, THIS is the most dangerous Christmas song to drive to. What?‘Frosty The Snowman’
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