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Wed. June 2315% of people said they wish they had this talent. What?Dancing
Tues. June 22The Grand Canyon is #1 on a wish list of tourist destinations. What was 2nd?The Eiffel tower
Mon. June 21A recent study showed that men consume 82% of this product. What?Potato chips
Fri. June 18One in five people always carry THIS item with them. What?Package of Gum
Thurs. June 1711% of dads want this for Father’s Day. What?Beer
Wed. June 16Around a third of husbands don’t remember THIS even though more than 80 percent of wives do. What is it?The date of their first date
Tues. June 15Majority of men say they hate shopping for this the most. What is it?Furniture
Mon. June 14Around 29% of us like THIS on our hot dog. What?Cheese
Fri. June 11Close to 18% of us have ended a relationship over THIS. What?Bad Driving
Thurs. June 10There is enough of THIS sold around the world each year that it could go around the equator more than 12 times! What?Duct tape
Wed. June 9The average American home has 41 of these. What?Light bulbs
Tues. June 812% of us have stolen this from a neighbor without them knowing. What?Their WiFi!
Mon. June 745 million Americans have one of these but 17% wish they didn’t. What are they?A tattoo
Fri. June 4No matter where you work, chances are you do it about 55-times a week…Curse
Thurs. June 3Around 36% of adults say this is a noise they hate. What?Screaming children
Wed. June 2One out of 5 people between the ages of 18 and 35 can’t do this. What?Tell time on an analog clock
Tues. June 132% of Americans say this specific food is their guilty pleasure. What?McDonalds French Fries
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