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Thurs. Sept. 9A new poll has revealed that women are now more likely than men to be in charge of THIS. What?Remote Control
Wed. Sept. 8More than half of all Americans say they cannot do THIS. What is it?10 push ups
Tues. Sept. 7You can spend hundreds of dollars on this or just a few but the average one of THESE costs about $15. What?Bottle of wine
Mon. Sept. 6No quiz - Happy Labor Day
Fri. Sept. 3Close to 30% of us would not date someone who has THIS job. What?Truck driver
Thurs. Sept. 28% of American women are looking forward to fall for THIS reason. What?Fantasy football
Wed. Sept. 176% of people say they feel guilty about it because it’s a waste of money. What?Buy food and throwing it away.
Tues. Aug. 31Having one of these can make you eat more. What?A messy / cluttered kitchen
Mon. Aug. 30This dog does more destruction than any other breed of dog. What?Chihuahua
Fri. Aug. 27Stats reveal that THIS JOB has the third-highest divorce rate by age 30. What?Automotive Service Technicians / Mechanics
Thurs. Aug. 2670% of people say they look awkward or clumsy doing this. What?Opening a bottle of wine
Wed. Aug. 2518% of Americans say they don’t wash their hands after doing THIS. What?After changing a dirty diaper
Tues. Aug. 24The largest one on record weighed more than 3,000 pounds. What?A scoop of strawberry ice cream
Mon. Aug. 23When it comes time for a BBQ, 10% of us love to eat THIS. What?Coleslaw
Fri. Aug. 20Chris on vacation
Thurs. Aug. 19Chris on vacation
Wed. Aug. 18This toy from the 70’s was originally designed for medical purposes. What is it?Silly String
Tues. Aug. 17When it comes to back to school, 25% of us struggle with THIS. What?Getting their kids dressed for school
Mon. Aug. 167% of us have never had one of these beverages. What?Margarita
Fri. Aug. 13On average, many of us have one of THESE at home which contain twice as many germs as a toilet seat. What?A BBQ grill
Thurs. Aug. 1251% of guys have been distracted behind the wheel because of this. What?Billboards
Wed. Aug. 11Over half of us say we never do THIS during the summer. What?Wear sunscreen
Tues. Aug. 10The first one of these was created, by accident, in 1938. What is it?Chocolate chip cookie
Mon. Aug. 920% of Americans have said they’ve left this in their car. What?A banana peel
Fri. Aug. 626% of us have accidently left THIS behind on vacation. What?Sunglasses
Thurs. Aug. 511% of men admit they have a fear of this?Selfies
Wed. Aug. 4Close to 57% of us have not changed or updated this in over 3 years. What?Voicemail greeting
Tues. Aug. 319% of remote workers have worked from here…where?The closet
Mon. Aug. 2A poll of 5,000 American adults show that around 17% of us said we are VERY GOOD at this…what?Swimming
Fri. July 30This is something that the average person owns about 6 of and likely didn’t pay for any of them. What?Coffee mugs
Thurs. July 29Close to 20% of singles are looking for someone who’s passionate about THIS. What?Food
Wed. July 28Around 2% of us have never washed THIS. What?Pillow case
Tues. July 27A survey revealed that one in 6 of us have THIS in their freezer right now. What?Money or cash
Mon. July 26Around 33% of us have logged onto our Facebook page HERE. Where?The movie theater
Fri. July 23More than 70% of us don’t know this about our next-door neighbors. What?Their last name!
Thurs. July 22There are 117 million of these in the world. What?Lakes
Wed. July 21Close to 43% of us have or will be using their stimulus money on THIS. What?Back to school supplies
Tues. July 201 in 10 of us would rather lose this than our cellphone. What is it?Their vacation days
Mon. July 12 - Mon. July 19Chris Berg on vacation =)
Fri. July 9Close to 60% of people say when they do this, they prefer to do it alone. What?Eat ice cream
Thurs. July 8Close to 37% of us eat chocolate when we do THIS. What?Watch a movie
Wed. July 7While in a relationship, men are three times more likely than women to do this. What?Spy on their partner
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