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Students Take “Comet Cruise” for Improved School Bus Safety

It has nothing to do with sailing or driving classic cars up and down the street. Still, students are now taking the “Comet Cruise” when they ride the bus to and from school in the Charles City School District.

Communications Director Justin DeVore says new wireless, 4G technology now allows their transportation system to keep better track of students who ride the bus.

DeVore says “Comet Cruise” also enhances the “No Child Left Behind” alarms added to buses a couple of years ago.

If you think your child missed the bus, DeVore says “Comet Cruise” can also provide an ETA on bus arrival.

DeVore says the ultimate goal is improved student safety, but the new system will also help save time and gas.

Mark Pitz

News Director/Weekdays 10am to 2pm on 95.9 KCHA

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