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Presidential Hopeful Binkley Takes Stand Against Carbon Pipelines

Republican presidential hopeful Ryan Binkley has come out against the construction of underground carbon capture pipelines.

Binkley recently hosted the Zoom meeting, Fighting for the Heartland, in response to pipelines that Summit Carbon Solutions and Navigator CO2 Ventures want to build in Iowa, including in Floyd, Chickasaw, Mitchell, Butler, Bremer, Fayette, Franklin and Cerro Gordo counties.

Many landowners impacted directly by proposed pipeline routes have been speaking out, but Binkley also encouraged those landowners to spread the message to all landowners.

Attorney and State Representative Charley Thomson of Charles City also spoke during Binkley’s Zoom session, warning of the dangers of a carbon pipeline rupture laid out by a Free Soil Coalition plume study.

Binkley, who campaigned in Charles City in early July, admits he was not aware of the carbon pipeline issue until he came to Iowa. He says he’s taken so many questions about it on the campaign trail that he had to study it further. 

Binkley says the pipeline companies’ efforts to use eminent domain to acquire the land needed for their projects issue is about constitutional rights, which extends beyond the state and the Midwest.

He’s also collecting online signatures to show overwhelming opposition to the pipelines.

Mark Pitz

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