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Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Office Not Involved in State Fundraiser

The Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Office is advising citizens that they are not involved in a state-sponsored fundraising campaign, although the fundraiser itself is legitimate.

A Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post by Sheriff Ryan Shawver notes that many Chickasaw County residents have received a mailer from the Iowa State Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Association (ISSDA) asking for donations. He says the letter is not a scam and is sent by ISSDA on behalf of all county Sheriffs in Iowa. 

Shawver adds that the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Office is a part of that organization and does benefit indirectly from any donations received by ISSDA in the form of law updates and continued training for our staff.  However, you are not obligated to donate.

Shawver also notes  that he will not send out letters to the residents of Chickasaw County asking for donations to support our office. If support is ever needed for a project we are looking to fund without tax dollars, I will do so in a public setting and not solicit funds via a mass mailing.

Contact the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Office at 641-394-3121.

A copy of the ISSDA letter is included with the Facebook post and below.

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