November 25th, 2015The average American talks to this person six times a day. Who?Themselves
November 24th, 2015Almost 20% of us will do THIS in the days leading up to Christmas. Do What?Go caroling
November 23rd, 2015According to a recent survey, 55% of women admit they have done this on company time. What?Went tanning
November 20th, 201512% of women say THIS is not allowed on Thanksgiving.Watching football
November 19th, 2015Experts say you will spend about 20% less on shopping if you do this. What?Go alone
November 11th, 2015When it comes to helping around the house, 33% of men do THIS.Do chores poorly so they don’t have to do them again
November 10th, 201570% of women say that any guy who calls himself a real man better be able to do this. What?Change a tire
November 9th, 2015Over 40% of us do this when we are angry. What?Eat ice cream
November 6th, 2015About 15% of us have been directly told by our boss to stop doing this. What?Shopping online on the internet
November 5th, 2015This travels at about the same speed as a snail. What?Ketchup coming out of a glass bottle
November 4th, 2015A recent survey found that companies offering what have happier employees?Free snacks
November 3rd, 2015According to a recent survey, 7% of married couples have argued over what in the last month?Use a Yo-Yo
November 2nd, 2015Fewer than 1/3 of adults can do this without looking like an idiot. What?Closet space
November 1st, 2015According to a recent survey, 7% of married couples have argued over what in the last month?Closet space
October 30th, 2015Stats show that 19% of our dinners feature what?Rice
October 29th, 2015A study shows people with anger issues are more than likely to do what?Get a tattoo
October 28th, 2015It’s estimated that three-quarters of homes with what never use them?A pool table
October 26th, 2015About one in three women say they have dressed in what costume at some point for Halloween?Cat
October 16th, 2015It will never happen to one in twelve of us. What is it?Catch a cold
October 15th, 2015This will happen more often at work today, than any other day of the week. What?Take naps
October 14th, 2015As kids, we had a lot of things. There were things that girls had and things that boys had, but nearly ALL of us has had one of these. What is it?A Goldfish
October 13th, 2015Men, if you have one of these, you’ll earn 25% more than men who don’t have one. What is it?A wife
October 12th, 2015According to a new survey, 9% of adults say they still have at least one of these. What is it?A black light
October 2nd, 2015About $50 million disappears each year because we do this. What is it?Leave change in the vending machine
October 1st, 2015Sales of this type of car are down 40% in the last decade?Convertible
September 30th, 2015The average man does this about 5 times a year. What is it?Cuts himself shaving
September 29th, 2015Almost 20% of Americans will call this person today.A tow truck driver
September 28th, 2015Six out of ten married couples had what at their wedding?An ex as a guest
September 25th, 2015Women are 400% more likely than men to have problems with WHAT?Their feet
September 24th, 201512% of us think we are what?LUCKY!
September 23rd, 2015In New York City, the average person doing this job makes almost $110,000 a year. What job is it?School custodian
September 22nd, 2015Only 40% of us know this about our car. What?Their license plate number
September 21st, 2015The average woman does what 5 times a day, the average guy three?Apologize
September 18th, 2015Almost three quarters of Facebook users say they have blocked a friend because of this. What?Game requests
September 17th, 2015We thought they’d gone out of style, but sales of what are up 20% this year?Cassette tapes
September 16th, 2015These days guys spend 45 minutes a day thinking about it. What?Fantasy Football
September 15th, 2015People over 40 are three times as likely to have THIS in their home compared to people under 40?A phone book
September 14th, 2015In a new survey, what was the #1 answer to, “What does your husband do that you really can’t stand”?Tickle you
September 11th, 2015Almost everybody has a favorite, but if you use yours more than 2,000 times, you’ll replace it. What is it?A coffee mug
September 10th, 2015Aside from electronics, what item was most commonly left behind in hotel rooms last year?Stuffed animals
September 9th, 2015In a survey of favorite smells, rain and lavender topped the list, but one in four of us agree that THIS smell should be in the top 5. What?Campfire
September 8th, 2015Almost 60% of Americans have gone more than a year since they did this. Did what?Took a vacation
September 4th, 2015Employees with desk jobs do it more at work than those who work in manual labor. What is it?Go to the bathroom
September 3rd, 2015A recent survey found “How To Boil An Egg” was voted the #1 most helpful video but what’s the 2nd most helpful video?How to unplug a toilet
September 2nd, 2015Two thirds of all parents have a picture of their kids doing it. What?Taking a bath
September 1st, 2015If this is an average day for you, you’ll do this more than 20 times today. What?Complain
August 31st, 2015Almost a third of us agree, we worry about this every day. What?Oversleeping our alarm
August 28th, 2015Almost 1/4 of everyone who gets this tattoo wishes they wouldn’t have. What is it?A butterfly
August 27th, 2015Who was the first president of the League of Women Voters when the 19th Amendment was passed?Maud Wood Park
August 26th, 2015If something in your kitchen is past its expiration date it’s probably spices, followed by what?Cans of soup
August 25th, 2015When did Iowa ratify the right to vote for women?July 2, 1919
August 24th, 2015In a recent survey, 38% of women said they are trying to cut back on this. What is it?Gossiping
August 21st, 2015When women were asked why they don’t sleep on planes, their #1 answer was WHAT?They’re afraid they’ll drool
August 20th, 2015The average person does this 4 years sooner than compared to 40 years ago. What is it?Go gray
August 19th, 2015A quarter of us say the last time we panicked was because of this. What?Cell phone battery going dead
August 18th, 2015Every year the government does this to almost 13,000 people. What is it?Declare them dead
August 17th, 201566% of women dislike it when a man wears this. What is it?A Hawaiian shirt
August 14th, 2015One out of five diners admit to stealing what from a restaurant?Toilet paper
August 13th, 2015Close to 80% of us never clean THIS?Vacuum
August 12th, 2015It’s estimated that the average guy doesn’t learn what until he’s 24?How to do laundry
August 11th, 2015New research says to be perfect, it will last 26 minutes. What is it?A nap
August 10th, 2015You’re going to consume nearly 20,000 calories of it this year. What?Ice cream
August 7th, 2015The average person will do THIS about 11 times in their life.Move
August 6th, 2015Almost 60% of women say THIS is what their man does that bugs them the most. What?Channel surfing
August 5th, 201536% of women in a new salon survey said, yes, they will get their hair done for THIS specific occasion. What is it?Driver’s License picture
August 4th, 2015According to a recent survey, 18% of parents admitted to bribing their kids to do what?Stop fighting
August 3rd, 2015Almost 20% of Americans say they never do this. What?Use the Internet
July 31st, 2015Four in ten couples say they’ve done THIS at least once before getting married?Had a fight over wedding plans
July 30th, 2015A recent survey found that women are more attracted to men who can do what?Save money
July 29th, 2015More than 50% of men have never seen their significant others WHAT?Their natural hair color
July 28th, 2015Employees with desk jobs do it more at work than those who work in manual labor. What is it?Go to the bathroom
July 27th, 2015In 1965, only 10% of homes in the U.S. had THIS. Today 91% of homes have it.Air Conditioning
July 24th, 201525% of married people say if they won the lottery big, they would do this. What is it?Get a divorce
July 23rd, 2015In the next 3 hours, 10.2 million of these will be purchased. What is it?Pizzas
July 22nd, 2015A recent survey shows that 7% of women have admit they’ve done what during their lunch break?Changed their clothes
July 21st, 201552% of women surveyed say they’ve turned down guys for a second date because of what?Too much cologne
July 20th, 201551% of people who have these have never used them. What are they?Sunroof or convertible top
July 17th, 2015About half of women in a recent survey admit they’ve done it on company time. Done what?Went to a tanning salon
July 16th, 2015Experts estimate that over 75,000 of what will be stolen from cars this year?Airbags
July 15th, 201526% of parents say they never make their kids wear this.Sunscreen
July 14th, 201570% of us say we can tell when you’re faking it. Faking what?A laugh
July 13th, 2015You see it done all the time now, but the Chesterfield cigarette company was the first to do it. What?Feature a women in their advertising
July 10th, 2015Travelers voted what as the worst thing about staying in a hotel while on vacation?Noisy neighbors
July 9th, 2015Stats show that 3 million Americans don’t do this even though experts say it’s a key part of a healthy day?Eat breakfast
July 8th, 2015Almost 50% of Americans do this when they go to the Doctor. What is it?LIE!
July 7th, 2015Close to 90% of people surveyed said if this person asked for a raise, they’d give it to them. Who?The Babysitter
July 6th, 2015Everyday in the US, 5 bicycle riders are injured doing what?Run into an open car door
July 2nd, 2015Americans will take home 68.3 million of these for the Forth of July weekend. What are they?Cases of beer!
July 1st, 201558% of people say this is the most embarrassing thing to happen involving their cars. What is it?Forget where they parked
June 30th, 2015A new survey found men are four times more likely to do what to avoid cleaning the bathroom?Spray air freshener
June 29th, 201530% of men and men in a new MSNBC survey say they haven’t done THIS in at least 5 years. What is it?Worn a bathing suit in public
June 26th, 2015You’ll do this more often in the first two hours of your workday than you will the rest of the workday. What is it?Work
June 25th, 2015You will go through almost 75,000 of these in your life time. What?Cups of coffee
June 24th, 2015According to a recent study, men think they are better at doing what than they think they are?Math
June 23rd, 2015Most women use this but 20% don’t know it has an expiration date. What was it?Makeup
June 22nd, 2015Two-thirds of women say, one of these, makes a man undateable. What?A pony tail
June 19th, 2015If you’re average, you would do this 4 times today, and un-do it 4 times as well. What is it?Start your car
June 15th, 2015Nearly 1/2 of moms in a new survey say, they love it, but it stresses them out. What is it?Social Media
June 12th, 2015Almost 10% of new parents say their little one’s first word is what? (We can tell you it’s not “Momma” or “daddy”)Tablet
June 11th, 2015According to a recent survey of women said they prefer not to see men wear what?Sandals
June 10th, 2015We do this everyday, and if you’re average, it’ll take you 10 to 20 minutes to do it. What?Dream
June 9th, 2015Americans buy enough of this every year to circle the globe almost six times. What?Weed trimmer line
June 8th, 2015According to 40% of us, THIS was our last big purchase. What is it?A mattress
June 5th, 2015If you’re going to get one, odds are you’ll be 41 years when you do. Get what?A motorcycle
June 4th, 201590% of us wish our co-workers would do this. What is it?Stay home when they’re sick
June 3rd, 2015Before deciding on one, women need to see 5, men only need to see 2. What?Selfies
June 2nd, 2015What is the most popular key on your keyboard?Space bar
June 1st, 2015The average person usually eats THIS just once a year?Waffles
May 29th, 2015About 1/3 of us won’t go anywhere unless we have it. Have WHAT?Gum
May 28th, 2015Stats show 60% of Americans used what over the Memorial Day weekend?Paper plates
May 27th, 2015You don’t know it, but you likely use what invention by Dr. Sheffield every morning?Toothpaste
May 22nd, 2015Between now and 7 tonight, 15 million of these will be sold in America. What?Pizzas
May 21st, 2015Stats show 8.3 million Americans have what inside their house?A pet bird
May 20th, 2015A recent survey found that french fries were the most addictive snack food. What was #2 on the list?M&M’s
May 19th, 2015A strong majority of Americans agree that you should never do this before 8am. What?Call someone
May 18th, 2015Researchers say you can pick up 80 million germs doing what?Kissing
May 15th, 20151/3 of Americans have one of these but never tell anyone. What is it?A secret email account
May 14th, 2015Studies show that men who are in what profession stay in it the longest?Barber
May 13th, 2015More than 75% of women who have done what try to keep it secret?Use hair extensions
May 12th, 2015A recent survey asked people to rate the little things that make life worth living. What was #1?Sleeping in a bed with fresh sheets
May 11th, 2015We once made most of the them, but America now imports over 97% of what item we all wear?Shoes
May 8th, 2015The average American will eat seven pounds of what salty food?Pickles
May 7th, 2015The average person will consume 350 pounds of it in 2015. What?Soda Pop
May 6th, 201540% of people say they have actually spoken to this object. What is it?ATM
May 5th, 2015You will see 20% more of what in movies directed by women?Women
May 4th, 2015Women do this more than men when it comes to driving. What is it?Drive on empty
May 1st, 2015Kids are most likely to stick Crayons up their nose…what’s #2?French Fries
April 30th, 2015More than 80% of Americans will fake it at least 3 times this year. Fake what?Someone else’s signature
April 29th, 2015In any given week about 40% of adults will have this, but not use it. What is it?Cash
April 28th, 2015A Recent study shows that nearly 100,000 people get one of these every day?Get a speeding ticket
April 27th, 2015The average person does what about every 17 months?Gets a new cell phone
April 24th, 201510 % of American men have never done it. What?Worn a tuxedo
April 23rd, 2015Women were recently asked to fill in the blank: “I wish my man didn’t have _______.”Golf clubs
April 22nd, 201520 years ago, what dating activity was surveyed as most popular among college students?Bowling
April 21st, 2015On average, one of what lasts three seconds?A hug
April 20th, 2015The average person has 8 of these that they got for free. What are they?Coffee mugs
April 17th, 2015On Average, Parents will do this about 8 times a month. What is it?Argue about the kids
April 16th, 2015Only 9% of people say they don’t have one of these. What is it?Friend
April 15th, 2015One in ten of what item is never used?Postage stamps
April 14th, 2015130 million of what are made each year?Bicycles
April 13th, 2015A recent study found that 41 is the average age people start doing what?Taking vitamins
April 10th, 2015A recent survey indicated that 42% of women either can’t or don’t know how to make what?Spaghetti
April 9th, 20151 in 3 women say their biggest problem is….this?Men
April 8th, 201545% of adults say THIS was the hardest thing they’ve ever attempted to do. What is it?Stop swearing
April 7th, 201521% of people do this because they think it makes them look smarter. What is it?Display books in their home/office
April 6th, 2015Close to 20% of us are thinking about this right now. What is it?Quitting our job
March 11th, 2015A new survey shows that the number one biggest pet peeve when at the gym is people taking selfies. What’s number 2?Naked people in the locker room talking to you
March 10th, 2015Look around, 1/5th of the drivers on the road right now are also doing this. What is it?Eating
March 9th, 2015Close to 20% of us think that we might be THIS! WHAT?A genius
March 6th, 2015When we went to school, we never heard of it, today 1/3 of the kids go to school with one in their backpack. What is it?Hand sanitizer
March 5th, 201528% of people have hit THIS with their car. What is it?Mailbox
March 4th, 201518% of Americans are considering doing THIS right now. What is it?Quitting their jobs
March 3rd, 2015You’ve probably got some. Americans spend half a billion dollars on a year on them. What are they?Slippers
March 2nd, 2015In a recent survey, 79% of people said – even if THIS was FREE – they would turn it down. What is it?A trip to space
February 27th, 2015This is something everyone should be doing, but Barbie did it for the first time in 1977. What is it?Smile
February 26th, 2015Nearly 1 in 4 women say they wish they could change THIS about their man.His table manners
February 25th, 2015Every day before school, 19% of kids do this. What?Make their bed
February 24th, 2015More than half of American men have done THIS for their sweetheart. What?Written them a poem
February 23rd, 201560% of men and women in a new job survey from – say they wish their previous employer would have had better _________________. What is it?Better quality coffee
February 18th, 2015When asked what are you most afraid of at your house, this was the #1 answer. What?The garbage disposal
February 12th, 20151-in-50 kids born in the U.S. will go through life without one. What?A middle name
February 11th, 2015Good Housekeeping recently did a survey that says 80% of people never clean THIS because they think they really don’t need to. What is it?Their vacuum cleaner
February 10th, 201515% of women do THIS on Valentine’s Day. What is it?Send themselves flowers
February 9th, 201543% of Americans say they’ve worn these. What?Mickey Mouse ears
February 6th, 2015A new restaurant survey says THIS is the germiest thing in a restaurant. What is it?The ketchup bottle
February 5th, 201571% of people do THIS during meetings.Check Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
February 4th, 201560% of men and women in a new job survey from – say they wish their previous employer would have had better _________________. What is it?Better quality coffee
February 3rd, 2015The average woman has 5 of these while the average man has 11. What?Hats
February 2nd, 20152 out of 3 American workers would rather have THIS at work than a raise. What is it?A new boss
January 30th, 2015Once we start this task, only a third of us actually finish it. What?An online purchase
January 28th, 2015On average, it takes about 5 1/2 hours to do this. What?Read a book
January 27th, 2015When you were growing up, you never did it, now the average person does it 4 times a day. What is it?Look up something on GOOGLE
January 26th, 201538% of people say they do THIS everyday at work. What is it?Nap
January 23rd, 2015About 95% of people qualified to do this don’t. What?Donate blood
January 22nd, 2015The average cost is $4,067, up 21% from last year. What?A Super Bowl ticket
January 21th, 2015According to a recent study, 33% of divorce cases now involve THIS?Facebook
January 20th, 2015This year, the average consumer is going to spend about $121 on THIS?Valentine’s Day
January 19th, 201523% of people have admitted they’ve done this to avoid people. What?Pretend to talk on the phone
January 16th, 201534% of men have lied about THIS to impress a co-worker. What?That they like golf
January 15th, 2015Out of all of the top skills men should possess, this skill come in #1. What is it?How to fix a toilet
January 14th, 2015This activity in American homes has dropped 80% since 1960. What is it?Reading bedtime stories to kids
January 13th, 2015It’s the deadliest animal in North America? What is it?White-tailed Deer
January 9th, 201526% of moms think their son does too much of this. What is it?Wears too much cologne
January 8th, 2015It’s been downloaded over 2 BILLION times to tablets, smart phones and other devices.Angry Birds
January 7th, 2015Nearly 1/2 of Americans didn’t do THIS in 2014.Take a vacation day
January 6th, 2015Doing this 100 times is equivalent to 15 minutes of exercise on a stationary bike. What?Laughing
January 5th, 2015The average person does THIS more on Mondays then they do any other day of the week. What is it?Google search health problems