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Newly Elected Floyd County Supervisor Opts Out ofPost

There’s more shakeup coming for the Floyd County Board of Supervisors to start the new year.

Republican Jeff Hawkbaker, who won the November 8th election for the District 3 Supervisor seat, is bowing out of the job. 

In a letter to the County, Hawbaker wrote, “Due to the current state of our economy, my plans to retire from my day job in 2023 are not an option at this current time. With a limited amount of time available to take off from my employer, I am declining the nomination as a Floyd county supervisor due to the fact that I will not be able to fulfill this position on a full-time basis.”

County Auditor Gloria Carr says protocol calls for the county’s Auditor, Treasurer and Recorder to determine who will be appointed to fill that post. However, due to the timing of Hawbaker’s resignation, the earliest that appointment can be made is January 2nd or 3rd, whichever is considered the first day of the elected Supervisor’s term.

Carr says once the appointment is made, anyone in Supervisor District 3 would have 14 days to collect enough signatures to request a special election be held for the position. If that happens, the earliest the special election could be held would be in March.  

Hawbaker won the seat with 875 votes with Democrat Jim Lundberg finishing second with 716 votes and No-Party candidate Jayson Ryner placing third with 320 votes.

Combined with wins by Democrat Mark Kuhn for District 1 and Republican Dennis Keifer in District 2, the Floyd County Board of Supervisors was set to have three new supervisors across the board to start the new year. That could still happen, but not with Hawbaker in office.


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