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Winneshiek County Sheriff Offices Recovers $60K from Scam Alerts

Winneshiek County Sheriff Dan Marx has issued the following Scam Alert:

“In just the past two months, the Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office has recovered and returned nearly
$60,000 of scammed funds.  However, most of the time once the money is sent – it is gone forever.
There has been a sharp influx of scam reports from area residents involving large sums of money.  These
scammers are using a wide range of tactics and schemes to bait and hook their victims. We continue to
stress the importance of protecting yourself and loved ones from falling victim to one of these schemes.
If it doesn’t seem or feel right or legitimate, trust your instincts; it probably isn’t.  Furthermore, never
send funds or share personal information with anyone unless you are absolutely certain of who they are
and/or what the money will be used for.  The Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office continues to alert,
inform, and educate our residents about these ongoing criminal attempts.  However, we ultimately need
your help to protect our citizens and prevent a loved one or someone you know from falling for one of
these crimes.  Please help spread the word. Thank you for your assistance.” ~ Sheriff Dan Marx

Mark Pitz

News Director/Weekdays 10am to 2pm on 95.9 KCHA
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